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Get Your Insurance Payout Faster

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Being involved in a semi-truck accident can be a frightening event and often causes overwhelming aftermath. Your company and driver(s) will need the insurance payout quickly to cover various expenses.

Making the right decisions on the scene and immediately following the accident makes a significant difference in the timeliness of your insurance payout. Follow the steps outlined in this article to get your insurance money as quickly as possible.


Gather Evidence

Your drivers should all carry smartphones. If or any reason they are not, you should equip them with a digital camera ASAP. Instruct your drivers always to take photos as soon as the area is safe and secured.

You’ll want to document the scene of the accident thoroughly to avoid any ambiguity about what happened and who is responsible.

What to photograph:

  • Your truck, and the other car(s) or truck(s).
  • The surrounding area or intersection.
  • The other driver’s license and insurance ID card.
  • The license plate(s), or write them down quickly.


Carefully Choose a Repair Shop

Coordinate with your insurer which shop they prefer. It may seem like you will save money up front by going to a friend of a friend, but in the end, it may slow down and impede your claim.

Most insurance companies have a goal to payout a claim within 30 days.

Anytime another car is involved in an accident, the claim can get delayed up to 60 days. If it takes any longer, you should ask your insurer to have a conference call with the agent, insurer, and customer to avoid any miscommunication and further delays.


Downtime Insurance

When you have a truck down for the count, your trucking business is losing money in more ways than one. This is where downtime insurance can help offset the financial damage.

What is downtime insurance? Downtime insurance indemnifies for loss of earnings resulting from the inability to operate due to damage to a truck or trailer from an insured accident.

As a trucker or fleet owner, hopefully, you’ve purchased this from your insurer or agent. You will need concrete proof of the loss of income you are experiencing to receive a downtime claim.

The adjuster will want to keep as much money for the insurance company as possible, so be prepared for an audit of proof-of-income and financial losses related to your claim.

The insurance company will require lots of documentation. Be prepared to prove that you are getting the truck repaired as quickly as possible.

Downtime insurance is one area where you will need to be patient to get a payout. Also, smaller claims payout more easily and quickly.


State Mandated Deadlines

Some states will require an insurance payout to happen more quickly. This only works when there are no disputes involved, from any parties involved.

Check into the state where the accident happened, as well as where your business is legally located. Use the interactive map from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners‘ to find out whom to contact.


Communication is Key

The best way to get your insurance payout quickly is to communicate promptly. Answer phone calls, and initiate phone calls to your insurer and agents involved. Provide any requested documentation as soon as possible.

Being prompt in reporting is crucial to receiving your payout on time. To learn more about insurance payouts for trucking accidents and to have expert guidance, contact Brooker Transportation at 800-722-0055.


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain

motor coach amenities

Do Your Motor Coaches Offer the Right Amenities

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Your motor coach business likely has various sizes of coaches, serving different travelers’ needs. Most of your fleet will fall into two categories: mini coach and charter bus. Your main ticket may be local or intercity, as opposed to long-distance or nationwide. But what about onboard amenities? Most travel groups have similar expectations. Travelers today are more tech-savvy and pampered.

Keep your motor coach company ahead of the competition. Consider some of these ideas to modernize your offerings.


Technology for Motor Coaches

Young and old travelers alike are staying connected through social media and email. An essential offering for the modern charter bus is Wi-Fi. You are most likely losing ticket sales to your competitors if you aren’t offering 3G or 4G Wi-Fi. This easy upgrade pays for itself.

How are travelers going to keep devices charged? Smartphones, tablets, and laptops all have one thing in common: batteries. Make sure your travelers can easily recharge during their trip.

A few tech touches will go a long way. Here are a few more ideas:

  • USB integration in power sockets
  • Individual LED reading lights and aisle lights
  • Premium sound systems
  • Multiple flat screen video systems
  • Video game consoles


Comfort Onboard Motor Coaches

Ensure that your travelers a relaxing journey. Spare them fighting over who sits in the middle seat. Consider investing in the most comfortable seats. Strategize your seating arrangements. Provide ample space and legroom. Providing ergonomic reclining seats and adjustable footrests. These are a few more ways to guarantee an enjoyable ride.

Also, consider a top-of-the-line HVAC system with different “climate zones.” You can also provide light blankets or jackets for passengers who get chilled easily.


Cleanliness of Your Motor Coaches

Make sure your restroom is as squeaky clean as your cab. Get on a supply schedule to keep your bathroom stocked. Supply things like hairspray, feminine hygiene products, over-the-counter motion sickness prevention, sunscreen, and a variety of soaps. Don’t skimp on cost with cheap toilet paper, either! Think about smell, too. A nice, lightly scented air freshener can greatly improve comfort.

Train your staff how to clean a motor coach from front to back, pre- and post-trip. You’ll see the benefit in your customer feedback and reviews.


Motor Coach Luxury

Give your charter buses a luxurious touch! For long-distance trips, consider these “first class” amenities;

  • Feature films
  • Complimentary beverages and light snacks
  • Free meals
  • Onboard attendants
  • Fleece blankets and pillows
  • Fresh flowers in the restroom

After a complimentary glass of wine (on evening trips) and fresh flowers. Who wouldn’t be in love with their experience?

Set your motor coach company apart. Consider some of these amenities. You will make your travelers feel first-class on your motor coaches.

Are you getting ready to upgrade your fleet’s amenities? Consider reviewing your fleet’s insurance policy to make sure everything is properly covered.

Visit us online. Learn more about our comprehensive charter insurance packages.